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GLI is pioneering a transformation of the 50-year-old conventional container movement industry by engineering a seamless integration of ship-train-truck container movement between port complexes and inland destinations. This state-of-the-art design is a practical, scalable, and exportable container management system capable of generating long-term operational revenue. Our primary service comprises loading and discharge of all ships, including next-generation ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs), and trains with new crane and container terminal designs.

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Sustainable Freight Transportation Infrastructure

The GRID Project:

Modern Sustainable Freight Transportation Infrastructure

Streamlining the Transportation of Cargo Throughout the Supply Chain 

This film was created in response to a challenge by the Los Angeles based New Urbanism Film Festival in which they paired an URBANIST with a FILM MAKER and gave us six days to create a 2 - 5 minute movie. KLL Video Productions in conjunction with EMTEX Studio took up the challenge and created an animated film that describes the vision of hundreds of thousand of shipping containers moving quickly, efficiently, and effectively from the port to distribution centers all over Southern California. This vision is a far cry from the current infrastructure. It is a big vision whose time has come.  You can visit the New Urban Film Festival website here

"The Grid Logistics Story" chronicles a revolutionary clean-tech company that will transform the fifty year old freight shipping industry using ground-breaking technology, while systematically improving our current plight of urban air pollution, freeway congestion, and jobs creation.

From Austin Nordell on Vimeo.

We must create a multimodal freight plan that sustains freight jobs, improves transportation, protects the environment and our communities.
— Caltrans Director- Malcolm Dougherty

GRID Logistics, Inc. - Putting the "good" into goods-movement.

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